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Supplementation seems to be most men’s first step when attempting to increase their overall semen volume. It is no doubt an important part of the equation when trying to get a boost in your amount of ejaculate but by no means is the only or even the most important part of the journey to increase cum volume. The old internet legend known as the “Cum Holy Grail” was long considered the best method to increase load size, however over the years many have claimed it only has a mild effect.


There are a few supplements that do in fact assist in the boosting of volume that we have discovered to have much more of an ability to increase volume, vitamins such as:


Vitamin E- Vitamin E when used in conjunction with vitamin C and D have been proven to increase volume and health.

Zinc Picolinate- Zinc is also shown and proven by several studies to increase semen volume, however zinc gluconate was often the go to choose for those looking to increase volume, we have found that the form zinc picolinate is much better absorbed and utilized by those looking to increase volume but needs to be used carefully as it is much more potent.

Selenium-Shown to be vital to sperm motility and blood flow in the male reproductive system.


Sunflower Lecithin- One of the most mentioned and used supplements in the market for “increasing semen volume”, although some of the data and research can be conflicting the amount of anecdotal evidence is staggering for this supplement. Just be sure to use the sunflower variant as those with soy are known to effect male hormones negatively


L-Arginine- Known to increase blood flow and increase overall erection quality L-Arginine is vital to larger loads as having a more full and intense erection leads to more volume being ejaculated during orgasm.

L-Carnitine- This vitamin on its own shows only mild improvement to volume but when in conjunction with Zinc and Vitamin E improves overall volume to staggering amounts.

Pygeum Bark Extract- Another supplement well known and long discussed for its volume increasing properties. Pygeum increase pre-cum amounts to the point that during edging sessions many men have claimed they can use their pre-cum as lubricant.

Piperine (Black Pepper Extract)- One of the least discussed yet most important supplements for those looking to increase their semen volume. Piperine, also known as black pepper extract, has been shown to increase the absorption of supplements in the stomach when taken with other vitamins and minerals. It is important to be careful when taking this in addition to other vitamins as it can cause toxicity in the body, especially with Zinc Picolinate which is already a more easily absorbed form of zinc that can lead to zinc toxicity. Be careful and aware of dosages.

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Hydration is extremely important to the increase of semen volume as much of semen is water based. In today’s world it is easy to forget to drink water, instead grabbing coffee, soda, or worst of all for semen volume, energy drinks. If you wish to have an increased load it is important to limit these other drinks as much as possible and focus on hydration. However, the day you choose to edge and eventually ejaculate it is important to limit liquid consumption as the act of urination directly after edging and the build up of seminal fluid in the body will cause the prostate, cowpers gland, and seminal vesicles to be flushed out of semen. Lowering your overall load.


Edging is one of if not the single most important part of building up a load that has volume and force. The act of edging involves working yourself right up to the moment before ejaculation and then letting yourself calm down. Do this repeatedly for as long as you can possibly handle it before finally choosing to release. There is a website called which helps turn the act of edging into a game. This can make it a bit easier to resist the urge to go past the point of no return. Important to remember is that edging is something you should be doing over minutes and hours NOT days. If you edge several days in a row, it will not build your volume to some insane level but instead will just cause pain and pressure in your “tubing”.

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It is important to get yourself as aroused as possible when attempting to have as large of a load as possible. Therefore, it would make sense to watch whatever type of content that turns you on the most when edging. This is a sound plan and will work well, however it would be wise to include some type of facial videos when edging as research shows that men produce more semen when observing other men ejaculating. This may be odd for some but if you are looking to have the highest volume possible it would be important to include at least a few facial videos.



When the moment finally arrives, and you are preparing to release the load you have worked so hard to build it is important to be in the right position. We suggest that you slightly bend your knees and relax your muscles at the moment of ejaculation. Try and relax your pelvic muscles as if you are trying to urinate at the moment of ejaculation.

This relaxation allows the tubes inside to properly fill with semen at the moment of orgasm as well as properly ejaculate all seminal fluid in your system.


*We do not suggest or imply that any of these tips are meant to cure or heal any known ailments or diseases. Take all information at your own risk and speak with your doctor before starting any supplements. Do not take any supplements or practice any methods if you have or suspect you have any disorders or diseases*

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